It’s Amazing How A Simple Box Can Mean So Much!

“Everything I Ordered Is There, In The Box, And In Good Condition”

Earn More Money As A RedPlate Transporter!

Earn Extra Income making deliveries for merchants and business owners, while Transporting Locals, Visitors, and Business Executives

Earn More Money As A RedPlate Transporter!

RedPlate Premium Coasters Earn Extra Income making deliveries while Transporting Locals, Visitors, and Business Executives

Are You Losing Money On Empty or Half-Empty Trucks?

RedPlate Cargo Reloading Requests ensure that your Earning Money In All Directions

Riders Make Additional Income with RedPlate Express

Earn additional income NOW Offering On-time Delivery with Redplate Express Service!

Start Your Own Delivery Business with RedPlate!

Earn Additional Income offering On-Demand Delivery and Transportation Services in your area

Business Owners, RedPlate Can Deliver It!

Online or Offline Leave Your Worries Behind and Use Redplate Logistics Service For The Delivery And Transportation Of your Food, Cargo And People On Time!

Farmers, RedPlate Can Deliver Islandwide!

Online or Offline Leave Your Worries Behind and Use Redplate For The Delivery And Transportation Of your Farm produce On Time!

YES! RedPlate Can Take You There and Back!

Enjoy the Comfort, Safety and Security of Redplate to transport You, Family, Visitors and Business Executives anywhere in our fleet of RedPlate Transporter Taxis, Premium Coasters and Private Chauffeured Vehicles.

Business Owners and Merchants, Online or Offline, deliver all your Bickle, Grocery, Household Items, Furniture, and other Cargo quickly and efficiently with RedPlate!

Online or Offline At RedPlate we provide islandwide delivery services with our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders, who are on the road, all around the island.


We work closely with our customers to ensure their experience meets expectations every-time.

Cost savings

Save money with our logistics service taking advantage of quicker delivery.

Secure services

We provide security for your delivery. You can use our online tracking system to check where your farm produces, Bickle, Grocery and Cargo is.

Express Delivery

Our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders are on the road all around the island ensuring that the delivery of your cargo is made to the right place at the right time safely.

In It Together!

As we grow and scale we want to ensure that thousands of happy Customers, Farmers, Merchants, and hundreds of RedPlate Transporters and Riders grow with us too.

    Farmers Sign Up Now for RedPlate FarmFresh delivery

    RedPlate FarmFresh delivers the freshest produce possible, from our team of dedicated farmers islandwide, deploying the shortest supply route and time possible.

    The delivery service works closely with farmers across the country and establishes partnerships to make fresh healthy and delicious food available at lower prices.

    Basically, we seek to streamline the process of getting fresh food from the farm to the consumer with as little outside interference as possible, ensuring that all produce is checked for quality daily and that no one handles the food aside from the farmers and Redplate Transporters.

    This is a great option for those who want to know exactly where their garden salad is grown, and for those who are both environmentally conscious and love to have fresh produce and pantry staples without heading to the farmers market themselves.

    We think about our customers and our service based on values such as:

    Multi-Modal Delivery Solutions available to you for!

    At RedPlate we offer you a wide range of delivery services, making your delivery process. easy and quick. Some of our current services are presented here.

    Just In Time Packaging and Supplies

    RedPlate Transporters can provide the most convenient and affordable means of transporting and delivering your packaging supplies on a just in time system, avoiding the need to buy and store large quantities. 

    Restaurant Delivery

    Our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders are on the road all around the island ensuring the timely delivery of Bickle from your restaurants and takeaways, delivered straight to your customers door at the right time safely.

    Cargo Delivery

    Depending on the size of the cargo and delivery time requirements you can get it done with our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders. From a bicycle, pickup, panel van, or full-size trailer truck our team can deliver it.
    You Name It RedPlate Can Deliver It

    Supermarket and Pharmacy Deliveries

    Online or Offline, our RedPlate Transporters and Riders ensure the timely delivery of items from your Store, Supermarket and Pharmacy etc. delivered straight to your customer’s door at the right time safely.

    Farm and Market Deliveries

    Looking to deliver fresh farm and market products such as in-season fruits, yam, banana, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, etc.? Our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders are on the road all around the island and can ensure the timely delivery of your Farm and Market Orders.

    cargo insurance

    For an additional fee, we can offer Cargo Insurance, ensuring the protection of your valuable cargo from any damage during transportation. (conditions apply)

    Why RedPlate Delivery is the best choice for you!

    At RedPlate we provide professional logistics and delivery services. Our advantages are:

    RedPlate Support Services are designed to work with you to grow your business. Quite simply the more your business grows so do does RedPlate so we all benefit when your business grows.

    RedPlates' Multi-Modal Delivery Solutions Available Islandwide download the RedPlate Customer App Now!

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