About RedPlate Bus

We believe that every Jamaican deserves to have access to a modern tech driven public transportation service that is safe, comfortable, cost effective, efficient and reliable.

RedPlate Bus is a strategic partnership between RedPlate Technologies Jamaica Limited providing the Disruptive Mobile App Technology to operate and power the service, and JUTA Kingston providing the vehicles, drivers and hub connections.

RedPlate Bus is a tech-enabled scheduled bus service, founded to address the issues of inefficient public transportation costs and poor passenger experiences in Jamaica. RedPlate Bus Mobile App offers a quick and simple booking process to procure bus tickets at competitive prices.

RedPlate Bus, tapping into the highly professional and exceptional customer service offered by JUTA Kingston is designed to offer the most cost-efficient bus ride with the health and security of passengers and their loved ones, visiting friends, and business associates high on the list. 

The Premium Bus time scheduled service will span the main coastal towns covering the width and breadth of Jamaica, and take passengers to both National Airports.

RedPlate Bus is designed as a major step-up to the existing public transportation service offered to the Jamaican public. RedPlate Bus will ensure that there’s no need for passengers to enduring lengthy wait times, as it will be a scheduled service and squeeze up on a crowded bus, as seat allocation will be done to ensure comfort and safety of each passenger.