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 Manage Your Merchant Accounts and secure signing bonuses and also secure monthly commissions on orders placed.
 Become a RedPlate Associate and enjoy the freedom to fit work around your life with flexible working hours and competitive fees.
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As we grow and scale we want to ensure that thousands of happy Customers, Merchants,  and hundreds of RedPlate Associates, Drivers and Riders grow with us too.

Offer Professional delivery and logistics services in your area:

Find The Best Solution For Your​ Clients

With RedPlate's Multi-Modal Delivery Solutions you will be able to assess each Merchants delivery requirement and then select from the range of RedPlate Services, so you always offer the right delivery service at competitive prices, even during peak seasons.

Planning reliability

We can offer you planning reliability for quick and safe delivery.

Value-added services

We also offer value-added services like marketing, advertising and promotion support, RedPlate branded Packaging Essentials, limited warehousing, packaging and labelling as part of our range of products designed to meet each Merchants individual purposes. We provide the quickest possible delivery of goods by road.

Reliable Multi-Modal Delivery Solutions Available Islandwide

Full Service Delivery Islandwide: We provide delivery warehousing and logistics services islandwide. With our Multi-Modal Delivery Solutions with integrated pre-carriage and on-forwarding processing we are able to achieve the shortest possible transit times for your delivery.

Cargo express

Our experienced Transporters and Riders deliver your cargo to the right place at the right time safely. You can be sure of our services.

Proven Experience

Hundreds of happy clients, thousands of permanent customers, the result of our work, is what were seeking to achieve.

Thanks to our growing expertise and knowledge, RedPlate’s Multi-Modal Transport Solutions Available Islandwide, allows you to offer a professional range service to build your business.

By working with a diverse range of Transporters and Riders islandwide we can save time and money by offering next day or even same day delivery.
Our Support Teams are ready to guide you through the process to help you to get started today.