What is Outsourcing and How Does it Actually Work In Your Business?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring another individual or company, such as RedPlate, either domestically or internationally, to handle business activities for you.

It has become a common business practice that allows small and medium-sized businesses to gain services and skills they would usually find hard to develop, because of either financial or manpower restrictions, or possibly a combination of both. Meaning, you can grow your business as and when you need to, without any major investment.

It also allows your business to focus on core competencies and, more importantly, cut costs and improve efficiency, all very much hassle-free. As time has gone by over the last decade or so, business owners now realize that there are many reasons that companies, both big and small, outsource various jobs, but the most prominent advantage seems to be the fact that it saves money.

Lower Costs is Where it All Begins!

Many of the individuals or companies that provide outsourcing services are able to do the work for considerably less money, as they don’t have to provide benefits to their workers and have fewer overhead expenses to worry about, especially if they are based in a non-Western country.

Outsourcing also allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by outside experts. A perfect example would be knowing that your deliveries are getting to your customers on time, safely and efficiently (either locally, nationally or internationally), but admitting that it’s not really your forte. You can hire an outsourcing company like RedPlate that provides these services, whilst you concentrate on getting ready for the influx of inquiries as a result of the improved service.

It also means that a large number of resources and attention that might fall on the shoulders of management professionals can be used for more important, broader issues within the company – which is always a good thing! The specialized company that handles the outsourced work is often streamlined and will normally have world-class capabilities and access to new technology that a growing company simply couldn’t afford to invest in on their own. Plus, if a company is looking to expand, outsourcing is a cost-effective way to start building foundations in other markets and countries, too.

Such tasks can be but are not limited to roles such as accounting, bookkeeping, sales and marketing, design and manufacturing, development, promotions, administrative and back-office assistance, customer service, web development, and deliveries much more.

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