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Retailers have to replenish on a Weekly Or Daily Basis their stock of inventories. This usually requires, in a number of instances, closer of the business, while they are out seeking supplies from major distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers.


Given the Wide Variety Of Items often sold this will require visiting a number of different business establishments to get the required items


In order to Secure The Best Prices this will require quite a bit of shopping around and purchase of large quantities.

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Delivery will need to be secured if the retailer does not have their own means of transportation


Our team of RedPlate Cargo Transporters will ensure the timely pickup and delivery of items from your supplier delivered straight to your store at the right time safely.


Retailers Would Prefer To Go To A Single Source for all their supplies providing all their choices are there and the prices are right and delivery is offered. They don't want to be shopping all over the place.

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RedPlate MarketPlace a B2B e-commerce marketplace, focusing on supporting underserved retailer communities through technology.

An e-commerce platforms with delivery services:
Providing economies of scale, producing lower operating costs, giving higher margins etc.

Offering Retailer in one place:
Wide SKU’s
Competitive Prices
RedPlate Delivery
Inventory Financing

Empowering small retailers to better manage working capital and inventory better, improving margins and growing their business.

    What our Retail Customers are saying about RedPlate Delivery!

    " I love RedPlate because... the process from buying to delivery is seamless and I can track my packages... and I'll pay more for RedPlate + to get it in less time."
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    "I love RedPlate and Bickle because my entire customer experience is important. from picking my driver... tracking their progress ..and when they get their... how do they drive etc. I can rate that... so my voice is imp... and with Bickle same..."
    “Everything I Ordered Is There, In The Box, And In Good Condition”

    Single or Primary Source

    RedPlate MarketPlace will be that single source for all MSME retailers online shopping, allowing them to manage and operate through a central point of entry.