“Everything I Ordered Is There, In The Box, And In Good Condition”

Cargo Deliveries


Depending on the size of the item and delivery requirements our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders can deliver your local online or offline purchases.

RedPlate Bickle


RedPlate Express Riders Can Ensure The Timely Delivery Of Bickle From Your Favourite Pan Chicken Vendor, Cook Shop, QSR, Restaurant And Takeaway, Delivered Straight To Your Door At The Right Time Safely.

Farm and Market


Consumers like you are looking for fresh farm and market produce such as in season fruits, yam, banana, Sweet Potatoes, Onions etc. Our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders around the island and can ensure the timely delivery of your Farm and Market Orders.

Pharmacy Delivery


Our team of RedPlate Express Riders will ensure the timely delivery of items from your local Pharmacy, supermarket, wholesale, bar or general store, delivered straight to your door at the right time safely.

Household & Office


Our team of RedPlate Cargo Transporters will ensure the timely pickup and delivery of items from your home or business place delivered straight to your door at the right time safely.

Taxi Services


Health and security for you, loved ones, visiting friends and business associates are paramount for us. So we ensure that there is stringent COVID19 protocols applied and ongoing training programmes for transporters. Your security is enhanced with the ability to track your ride end to end, and knowing who your transporter is ahead of the ride, plus a panic button in the event of any situation. With RedPlate your assured that your ride is what you expect it to be with our fleet of RedPlate Taxi Cabs and Private Chauffeured Vehicles.

Signup for RedPlate + now & enjoy the RedPlate Experience on your next delivery or ride.

RedPlate+ is our premium paid subscription program that gives users access to additional services otherwise unavailable or available at a premium to regular customers. 

Benefits include:

  • Premium RedPlate Taxi Service
  • Express One Or Two-day RedPlate Delivery
  • Special “Plus” Prices.
  • Promotions And Product Offers
  • Special Instore Partner Prices and Discounts
  • Movie and Theatre Tickets
  • Plus a lot more to come based on arrangements negotiated with strategic partners.

The Basic RedPlate service is available free to the public via the mobile application.

    What Customers are saying about RedPlate Delivery!

    " I love RedPlate because... the process from buying to delivery is seamless and I can track my packages... and I'll pay more for RedPlate + to get it in less time."
    black woman
    "I love RedPlate and Bickle because my entire customer experience is important. from picking my driver... tracking their progress ..and when they get their... how do they drive etc. I can rate that... so my voice is imp... and with Bickle same..."
    “Everything I Ordered Is There, In The Box, And In Good Condition”