RedPlate Bus Delivery Service

A key feature and service to be offered by RedPlate Bus is moving small packages and cargo between the major towns islandwide. Utilizing our regional hubs as pickup and drop off points other Rides and Delivery Transporters will pick up and drop off to your home and office.

We are leveraging our growing delivery experience and network to meet the growing needs of local Merchants in the e-commerce space with our last-mile delivery solution.

RedPlate Delivery is a tech-driven logistics solution that seamlessly coordinates haulage across Jamaica. Through logistics optimization, RedPlate Delivery is driving down the cost of goods across Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders will ensure the timely delivery of items from your Brick and Mortar Store or business office delivered straight to your customer door at the right time safely.

RedPlate FarmFresh delivers the freshest produce possible, from our team of dedicated farmers islandwide, deploying the shortest supply route and time possible.

RedPlate Technologies is building a national and regional marketplace that allows for better and more efficient utilization of assets through the fusion of an extensive on-the-ground operations team, advanced technology and exceptional customer service. We give companies peace of mind through tracking visibility and a commitment to on-time delivery.

Depending on the size of the item our team of RedPlate Transporters and Riders operating from a bicycle, pickup, panel van or full-size trailer truck team can deliver it.

The RedPlate Group will be deepening its investment in, and deployment of technology, to significantly improve the commuting experience of the Jamaican public, the public transportation sector and importantly the Transporters, and increasing operational efficiency.

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