Offering SKU's from Local Distributors, Wholesalers & Manufacturers

RedPlate MarketPlace carries SKU’s from a wide range of local Distributors, Wholesalers & Manufacturers through our online B2B Ecommerce platform serving retailer customers across Jamaica.

This allows MSME retailers to replenish on a Weekly Or Daily Basis their stock of inventory.

Retailers now have a Single Source, Wide Variety Of Items, Competitive Prices, and RedPlate Delivery.

At RedPlate we’re leveraging our delivery experience and network to meet the growing needs of local Merchants with our eCommerce last-mile delivery solution.

RedPlate Market Order Fulfillment Strategy

An essential and strategic feature of the RedPlate eCommerce Business Solution is that we do not keep or store any inventory. All items available for sales and delivery remains in the physical location of  our Local Distributors, Wholesalers & Manufacturing partner vendors.

RedPlate treats each partner vendor location as a mini fulfillment centre, allowing for island-wide locations and distribution points closer to the final retail customer.

Partners will have accounts on the system allowing for monthly settlement and payment transfer from RedPlate to  Partner vendors .

RedPlate Support seeks to ensure that each individual customer experience is the very best so that they keep coming back. RedPlate will continue to invest in improved products and services for customers.

Subscribers will also have access to RedPlate branded merchandising.

RedPlate Merchants can save thousands of dollars each year with our exclusive partner discounts from packaging suppliers, wholesalers, utilities providers and insurers.

Leveraging our Global Partner Supplier Network means we can secure for you great deals on everyday items.

A RedPlate Tablet for receiving and managing delivery orders.

Make better and more informed decision making with personalised data, insights, and business best practice.

Multi-Modal Delivery Options from RedPlate

Cost savings

 Local Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers can benefit from huge cost savings from reduced overheads and staff costs, passing on the savings to retailers, who are increasingly shopping online instead of physical visits.

Local E-Commerce Delivery Solution

We are leveraging our delivery experience and network to meet the growing needs of  Merchants in the e-commerce market with our last mile delivery solution.

Cargo express

This is ideal for large ecommerce sites with numerous and frequent daily and weekly islandwide delivery requirements

Local Retailers Stay In Their business and in the Game

No matter what kind of retail business you’re customers are in, you are able to offer your products online, knowing that RedPlate can now deliver with RedPlate islandwide.

We also work quickly and efficiently to deliver supplies to QSR's with RedPlate Bickle

There is no reason why local brick and mortar retailers and MSME business operators within The Ready To Eat  Market cannot order and secure delivery of critical day to day items to compete and offer on-demand delivery services in Jamaica.

The RedPlate Bickle solution enables customers to search for critical supplies, and place orders and pay online through the RedPlate online payment solution, and to choose from delivery options with Redplate Delivery.

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The RedPlate MarketPlace  platform is built on top of a deep understanding of consumer online purchasing behavior and patterns. This is essential to understanding trends and future purchasing patterns, using data analytics and mining, greatly enabled across a broad spectrum of products.

Enjoy the benefits of a Fully Integrated Local E-Commerce Delivery Solution.

A B2B marketplace providing small retailers with a wide range of product assortment, competitive prices, and reliable delivery all in one place with RedPlate Delivery.

    Select the Business Account that fits your delivery needs and business. You Name It RedPlate Can Deliver It

    Leave Your Worries Behind And Use RedPlate Logistics Service to Deliver And Transport your Cargo And People, On Time, to your customers!
    If you require regular and frequent delivery services, then a Business Account is ideal for your business. Whether you require delivery or logistics services or fulfillment, defined freight forwarding, or a complete supply chain solution, we are here for you.
    Enjoy all the benefits of the Small Business Account Plus the benefits of the RedPlate Support Services designed to work with you to grow your business. Quite simply the more your business grows so do does RedPlate so we all benefit when your business grows. You also have access to our Marketing and Promotion Support. Call to discuss further 876-630-2216