RedPlate Jamaica launches its own Uber

RedPlate Technologies, a Jamaican ride-share company just like Uber, was formally launched Wednesday ironically coinciding with an announcement that Uber has arrived in Jamaica.

Jamaica’s first ride-sharing company said it’s a business to business (B2B) technological solutions provider in the areas of logistics, transportation, e-commerce and mobile payments.

The RedPlate Group has already indicated that it intends to provide the general public with safe, reliable, modern, professional, efficient, and predictable cost-effective transportation and on-demand delivery experience built on technology. 

The public can access RedPlate services by downloading its app via the Google Play and App stores.

Transport minister Robert Montague said the arrival of RedPlate is well needed to transform the industry. “What we are doing here tonight is opening a new chapter where technology meets transport”, said Montague in his address at the virtual launch.

Montague is encouraging taxi drivers to hop aboard RedPlate to maximize their revenue streams, arguing that “what RedPlate offers is an advanced improvement to what currently exists”.

“Passengers will have the options of paying cash, which we hope to move away from quickly, as well as debit and credit card” said Aldo Antonio, president and CEO of RedPlate Technologies Jamaica Limited.

Under the RedPlate subscription plan each driver/vehicle will be fitted with one RedPlate smartphone with a 24/7 data and call plan.

“We are of the view that we at the transport authority will have to first change ourselves in order to cause change in the public transport system. We have to pay keen attention to how our conduct affects the success of the industry,” said managing director at the Transport Authority, Willard Hilton.

Yesterday, there was consternation among members in the transport sector after it was announced that Uber – an American ride-sharing company – has entered the Jamaican market.

But the Transport Authority said Uber has not been granted any permission to operate in the country.

Perhaps a sign of what’s to come – the battle for the Jamaican market between two ride-sharing companies – a local upstart versus a global giant in Uber. While other players in ARYVVE technologies and CARYPAY are expected to enter the market soon.

The introduction of RedPlate and very soon Uber and others is likely to trigger a seismic shift in the transportation sector, as rates in all likelihood will be significantly less than what currently exist in the market for route and hackney operators.

Source: RedPlate: Jamaica launches its own Uber | Old Harbour News

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