RedPlate delivers value through its design, planning and execution with the customer at its core.

At RedPlate we are of the view that there is no reason why Farmers, local brick and mortar retailers and MSME business operators cannot compete and offer both online and offline services in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

The RedPlate Group  is a Caribbean based investment holding company, utilising various investment vehicles to secure equity investments in operating businesses including start-ups in the following areas including but not limited to business to business (B2B), technology, data-driven, integrated fulfilment logistics, transportation solutions, e-commerce and mobile payments.

RedPlate Group operates in targeted market through five (5) main operating divisions, which over time will be spun off as subsidiary companies of RedPlate Group. As a standalone company it would enjoy greater freedom to grow and expand beyond RedPlate Group offering a range of products and services, plus able to raise its own funding.: 

The Deep Dive Company

RedPlate Financial Group (RFG)

RedPlate Operations Group

RedPlate Logistics and Fulfilment Group

RedPlate Direct To Consumer Group (D2C)

RedPlate will over time have subsidiary operations across the Caribbean. and will provide supply chain management and logistics services to leading companies around the region:

Operating Markets:

RedPlate Technologies Jamaica Limited

RedPlate Technologies Barbados

RedPlate Technologies Trinidad and Tobago

RedPlate Technologies Eastern Caribbean

RedPlate Technologies North Caribbean

RedPlate delivers value through its design, planning and execution in multi-modal transportation, warehousing, freight management and dry-van truckload carrier services..

The RedPlate Group will in the first phase seek to operate a technology-based, regionally operated, transportation, delivery and logistics network, offering a range of multi-modal delivery services, moving from a pin to an anchor, covering a wide range of items and people.

A key goal and objective of the business is to increase the revenue capacity of our subscribers and in the process the overall income and profitability of the business. In this regard, RedPlate will seek to grow by expanding the brand into On-demand Transportation, Meals, Groceries, Logistic Services and a range of Premium Services.

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At RedPlate we’re on an aggressive growth strategy seeking to offer our customers a multimodal range of delivery options, with the widest choice of products and services from 100’s of different local brick and mortar retailers and MSME business operators operating online and offline.

To do this successfully we will need a team that’s equally dedicated and committed.

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“At RedPlate we’re Passionate About Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences”.