RedPlate Support Services we're here for you.

RedPlate Support Services are designed to work with you to grow your business. Quite simply the more your business grows so does RedPlate, so we all benefit when your business grows.

No matter what kind of retail business you’re in, keep up with the changes and offer your products online, knowing that you can now deliver with RedPlate islandwide.

“Within the e-commerce trade the use of the Internet for online purchases is growing at a robust 35 per cent per year – and in line with that trend, retailers are slowly investing more in online shopping platforms.”

Sell online and benefit from huge cost savings from reduced overheads and staff costs, passing on the savings to local online shoppers, who are increasingly shopping online instead of going into local department stores.

RedPlate Support Services

Cost savings

RedPlate Merchants can save thousands of dollars each year with our exclusive partner discounts from packaging suppliers, wholesalers, utilities providers and insurers. Leveraging our Global Subscriber network means we can secure for you great deals on everyday items.

Marketing and Technology Support

Tap into our wide range of marketing and technology support services to help promote and position your business in the most cost-effective  way to boost your revenue and profitability

Cargo Insurance

For an additional fee, we can offer Cargo Insurance, ensuring the protection of your valuable cargo from any damage during transportation. (conditions apply)

Proven Experience

As we grow and scale we want to ensure that thousands of happy Customers, Farmers, Merchants, and hundreds of RedPlate Transporters and Riders grow with us too.

We work quickly and efficiently for you!

RedPlate Marketing Support seeks to ensure that each individual experience is the very best so that customers keep coming back.

 RedPlate will continue to invest in marketing and improved products and services for customers and restaurants.